July 6, 2012

At the Atlas Summit, a conference for libertarian devotees of Ayn Rand, the question is inescapable. It is scrawled in black magic marker on the plain white T-shirt of the white-haired man I pass on the way into the ballroom. It is printed on the green button on the corduroy blazer of the man who wants to share his thoughts on “the envy-driven wizards at NASA.” It is emblazoned on the limited-edition gold coins advertised in the special three-ring binder given to all attendees. It is hanging, really, over the heads of all of us who have convened at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown DC in early July to celebrate Ayn Rand’s sacred scroll of objectivism. The question, parroting the catchphrase of Atlas Shrugged, is “Who is John Galt?”

The answer, apparently, is Elon Musk.


Why Ayn Rand acolytes want to move to Mars. (via motherjones)

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