June 14, 2012
'The underlying problem—and the biggest reason that gaffes are perpetually hyped by the media in the absence of evidence that they matter to voters—is that, despite all the cutbacks in journalism, too many reporters are chasing too few stories at this point in the presidential campaign. The incentives for perverse coverage are especially strong when little other news is being made. Editors should consider alternative approaches. Why not devote more resources to investigations, enterprise stories, and down-ballot races, and reduce the number of reporters covering the minutiae of the presidential campaign? We, the readers, will be just fine without them.' — Columbia Journalism Review

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    Am I reading this right? There aren’t enough stories? Fuck you, you haven’t said a word about CeCe, about foreclosure...
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    The seemingly overemphasis on gaffes this go around - from both campaigns, like the Obama campaign’s sole focus on...
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