May 24, 2012
Slate: The Left Is Just Fine With Misogyny, As Long As It’s Against Conservative Women

That’s because incidents like this happen with such frequency and casualness that it’s clear people think there won’t be any pushback if they attack a conservative woman.  Back in 2008, when some idiot hecklers shouted “Iron My Shirt” to Hillary Clinton, we talked about sexism for three days. But, like Weigel pointed out, no one at the AFL-CIO even thought twice about not only GETTING a piñata with Nikki Haley’s face on it or hitting said piñata, but similarly had no problem recording the event and UPLOAD IT TO YOUTUBE. If you do something sexist against a liberal, expect a firestorm. If you do something sexist (or pseudo-violent) against a conservative, well, they had it coming.

Billy? Um

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